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GE 50 LED C-5 Lights


Overall Impression: Very bright and colorful, extremely energy-efficient

Nice: Ultra bright bulbs have dramatic pebble texture

Naughty: Very skimpy wire with short distances between bulbs


Marketed under the famous GE name and logo, these Chinese-made lights are made for Santa’s Best Craft LTD, in this case for Kmart stores. There are 50 LED bulbs in the popular C-5 with a dramatically pebbled surface. The bulbs are slightly more than 1 inch tall, and are red, green, blue, yellow, and purple.

The set comes with two replacement bulbs and two replacement fuses. It is packaged in a plastic framework and was easy to remove.  Because it has highly energy-efficient LED bulbs, it uses an incredibly tiny 3.2 watts of electricity. Like other GE/Kmart sets we examined, the set has very high quality, heavy-duty wire.

Unfortunately, like some other GE/Kmart sets, there is insufficient wire for easy decorating: the bulbs are spaced at 3.5 inch intervals. Yes, we know the box says that there is 4 inches between bulbs, but that measurement is based on stretching the heavy-duty wire flat, which is not practical in most cases.  There is only a six-inch lead-in. Lighted length is 16.3 feet. It has an add-on end connector.

The package notes that that you can connect up to 25 sets end-to-end, and features constant-on technology so that the set continues to operate even if an LED is burned out or loose. They have a 5 year limited guarantee, which is very unusual for Christmas lights. A 20,000 hour average LED life is quoted, and the buyer is reminded that, like all LED sets, the bulbs are cool to the touch and break-resistant.

The set is available from Kmart. We obtained the set for $9.74 at Christmas 2009.

These lights are bright, colorful, and extraordinarily energy efficient.

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