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GE Snowflake Lights

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Overall Impression: Large snowflake ornaments with rapidly blinking lights.

Nice: Realistic snowflakes, bright and dramatic light effect

Naughty: Too large for many indoor trees, best for outdoor usage


Marketed under the famous GE name and logo, these Chinese-made lights are made for Santa’s Best Craft LTD, in this case for Kmart stores.  Each of the eight giant seven-inch diameter snowflakes has a dozen bulbs, for a total of 96 lights in the set. GE says that every 6th lamp sparkles with brilliant light, resulting in an elegant, sparkle effect. In reality, after the set warms up for a few seconds, two bulbs in each snowflake begin to blink rapidly, on the order of at least two times per second. Because the bare clear bulbs are extremely bright, the effect of the rapid blinking at close distance was disconcerting to us. As a result of the large size of the flakes and the rapid blinking effect, we chose to leave these off the Project 2009 tree. If you enjoy rapidly blinking bulbs, this set is for you. However, few indoor trees will be large enough to accommodate these large lights. This set is best suited for outdoor use!

The set comes with replacement bulbs and two replacement fuses. It is packaged in a cardboard box without inserts.  Because it uses incandescent bulbs, it uses 41 watts of power.

The wire is fairly generous, with a long lead in and a foot between lights. Lighted length is 23 feet. It has connectors on each end (add-on plus end connector). The set comes with a two-year limited guarantee.

The set is available from Kmart. We obtained the set for $11.24 at Christmas 2009.

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