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GKI / Bethlehem Lighting LED 35 Glitter Lights


Overall Impression: Unique glitter effect, extremely energy-efficient

  • Nice: LED bulbs have special metallic-colored flecks to add a glitter look.
  • Naughty: Bulbs are not replaceable; not as bright as other LED bulbs.

GKI / Bethlehem Lighting of  Taunton, Massachusetts produced this interesting variation on the LED light set. They are manufactured by Bortex Industry Co. Ltd. of China. The bulbs are approximately C-5 size, although the package does not indicate a relative size – the bulbs are a little more than 1 inch long. The color selection is a bit unusual: red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. There are two add-on sockets – one at each end. The package indicates that they consume .020 amp, which is about 2.5 watts, so they are very energy efficient.

Although the bulbs are pretty, they are not quite as bright as some other LEDs, and the glitter is only visible on close examination.  Wire length is OK but not spectacular: 6 inch spacing between bulbs and a 4 inch lead-in.

The most unusual aspect of this set is that the bulbs are NOT replaceable. GKI states that “the lights used for this light set is a LED chip and has an extraordinarily long life, the chip will last as long as the light set and is not replaceable.”

Packaging is a weak point: the bulbs come in a plastic bag with a fold0ver cardboard header. If you need to store these bulbs, you’ll have to provide your own box.

The set is available from We obtained the set for the price of $23.19 at Christmas 2009.

This otherwise well-made set is hampered somewhat by the non-replaceable bulbs.

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