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Sterling 50 Light Double Tulip Reflector Light Set


Overall Impression: Beautiful and inexpensive

Nice: Very pretty multiple-colored reflectors and bulbs

Naughty: Unbelievably tight wrapping of wires in package


Sterling, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri markets this Chinese-made set of 50 old-fashioned reflector lights. They feature large flower-shaped plastic reflectors in red, green, blue, yellow, and pink. The outer reflector is about 1 inch wide, and the inner reflector is about 1/2 inch in diameter. They have ten-inch spacing beween bulbs and a nice 30 inch lead-in, with a total length of about 44 feet. They come with two replacement bulbs, two replacement fuses, and one flasher bulb if you’d like to convert them from the standard steady-light style. They are exceptionally beautiful and make a wonderful display.

Unfortunately, there is one issue with the set:  the factory wrapped the lead-in wire around the set so tightly that it was very difficult at first to untangle the set! Apparently this was done in order to get the set inside the small display box. A dark green twistie tie was wrapped around the bundle; the color of the tie almost matched that of the wire and made it very difficult to see. Great care was needed to remove the tie, which in light of the tight wire wrapping seemed superfluous. We eventually realized that the safest course of action was to gently pull the petal sections out from the wrapping one by one until the tension on the wrapping wire was relieved. We were then able to unfurl the set and start decorating.

The set is available from (the website of The Incredible Christmas Place located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee). We obtained the set for only $5.92 at Christmas 2009; at that price, it is truly an incredible bargain.

If you follow our advice in unwrapping this set, we think you’ll be quite pleased with this beautiful light set.

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