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Hallmark Swingin’ with Snoopy Table Decoration


Overall Impression: Snoopy and Woodstock at the Christmas piano entertain with sound, motion, and lights

  • Nice: Lights along the sides of the piano blink in time to the music.
  • Naughty: Not quite as imaginative as earlier Hallmark table magic decorations

Hallmark’s 2009 special table decoration features our old pals Snoopy and Woodstock at the piano, with light, motion, and sound.  Snoopy sits at the keyboard, with a Happy Holidays scarf and a red cap; Woodstock holds a wreath with a red ribbon atop the rear of the piano. The tag says: “Press the button to hear Snoopy play jazzy renditions of three holiday favorites: Linus and Lucy, Deck the Halls, and O Christmas Tree. Each time you press the button, Snoopy will move side to side and you’ll hear a different song while the lights on the piano blink in time to the music!” By our calculation, each song lasts about 16 seconds. Some parts of the music are a just little bit raspy, but the overall quality is good, and the music – like other musical toys – is very loud.

This decoration will have special appeal to Peanuts fans, and is well executed.

The decoration is powered by three replaceable AA batteries located on the side of the piano.

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