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Christmas Train: Flatcar One

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Many holiday trains contain flat cars with displays of Christmas and winter-themed decorations as well as backdrop artwork. We sought to represent such cars with a series of flat cars combining backdrops with Christmas decorations of a size appropriate to an HO scale representation of real-life inflatable or plastic decoration displays. Most of the decorations are Hallmark “mini” decorations also known as “table decorations.”  Unfortunately all of the decorations used are out of production. The backdrops are scaled-down reproductions of holiday artwork from various catalogs mounted on cardboard and attached to the flat cars with tiny slivers of 3M double-sided foam tape. Additional artwork reproductions are attached to the floor of the flat car with 3M double-sided tape. This flat car is a Walthers Train Line 50 foot steel flat car model of Norfolk Southern #93120. The “minis” are attached to the floor of the car with Daige Prostik Adhesive Wax.  This car features two Santas, an Eskimo child and a reindeer.

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