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Christmas Train: Santa Fe Locomotive

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This model, produced in Yugoslavia in the 1980s for AHM, depicts a Santa Fe ALCO RS diesel locomotive from the 1950s.  The model is a “dummy” meaning that it is not powered and must be pulled by another locomotive!  This unit was our first attempt at “holiday train” decoration and features the addition of a Hallmark “mini” wreath to the front of the locomotive (a wreath on the front is a common feature of many holiday trains).  Cutouts of Santa Claus were affixed to the sides of the cab.  A discontinued Christmas Tree kit (possibly Preiser?) provided a variety of gold ornaments and these were attached to the sides of the unit.  A star design with a green plastic backdrop also provided in the kit were affixed to the rear of the locomotive.  Gold ornament string from a ceramic ornament was attached to the handrails.  A small Santa mini (1970s era plastic) was perched on the rear steps.

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