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Christmas Train Consist Description -

No truly prototypical (that is, models of real railroad locomotives and rolling stock) models are available in HO scale (1/87) of the “holiday trains” run by North American railroads each year during the November-December timeframe. These trains can be simple efforts (hang a wreath on the front of the locomotive, put Santa in the cab, on a caboose, or at the rear of a passenger car) or may be elaborate, with multiple cars including flat cars, special box cars, passenger cars and caboose, decorated with lights and other ornamentation. In an attempt to capture the spirit of these variously-decorated trains, adapted a variety of decorative pieces (many out of production) to existing prototypical HO models. The “consist” of the train includes a locomotive and rolling stock from several railroads but is reflective of themes seen on holiday trains throughout the years. The model manufacturers (Athearn, Atlas, Bachmann, and Walthers TrainLine) represented each produce high-quality, smooth-running HO products. Follow these links for a complete illustrated description of each piece:



Flatcar 1

Flatcar 2

Flatcar 3

Santa Fe Locomotive

Passenger Car

Flatcar 4

Flatcar 5

CSX Locomotive

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