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Holiday Wonder Locomotive


Overall Impression: Fantastic light and sound show from a beautiful table ornament!

  • Nice: Vivid multicolored lights inside the transparent train pulsate with the playing of Christmas songs.
  • Naughty: The ornament – and two others in the series – were only sold for one year and are no longer available.

“Fun on Ice” Interactive Holiday Wheels / Perfect Harmony by Snow Wonder – Locomotive

This is one of the most entertaining and impressive table decorations ever marketed. It features a colorfully painted steam locomotive perched atop a translucent ice and snow pedestal. The polar bear engineer leans out of the cab, while a penguin hangs on the front. In play mode, pressing the snowflake-shaped switch in front of the locomotive starts a series of Christmas songs, cycling through five songs three times before shutting down. It is seven inches long, four inches wide, and five inches high.

Here is our video of the locomotive in action:

The patented, computer-controlled unit has versatile controls, allowing the user to set the volume and brightness level, and activating a “Night Display Mode” that illuminates all of the ornament’s lights for fifteen minutes without music.

In addition to the locomotive, this series included two other ornaments: an ice-cream van with snowmen, and a fire engine with bears. Two or more ornaments with an unobstructed view between them could be activated to play music together through a radio link, expanding the entertainment possibilities!

The series was sold by Kmart in 2006 and is no longer available. It was made by the Smart Industrial Group, Limited of Hong Kong.  An archived copy of their stand-alone website, which has been taken down, stated that Smart was a privately held company led by Peter Fong specializing in the manufacture of consumer toys and electronics. They now have a page on a Hong Kong business directory site listing three interactive toys for OEM consideration, including a holiday offering, March of the Toy Soldiers. It would be great to see additional ornaments from this fine manufacturer!

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