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Welcome to the web’s first site dedicated to the review and evaluation of the things that help make the Christmas celebration truly spectacular: trees, lights, ornaments, decorations, music, model trains, plush toys, books, and videos. As lifelong Christmas enthusiasts, our mission at is to inform and entertain. We want to share our heartfelt enjoyment of the holiday season, and we invite you to join us!

We will honor the extremely talented people – artists, designers, manufacturers, retailers, craftsmen, and entertainers – who make Christmas extra special. We’ll have fun examining the latest offerings, and reminisce about great treasures of the past. Hopefully the news and reviews that we provide will help you make better decisions about additions to your own personal collection. Our commentaries and opinions will be enhanced by unique video and photography. Perhaps some of our decorating ideas will spark your imagination.

As we progress, we’ll provide a place for you to post your stories and photographs of trees and ornaments that have made Christmas magical for your and your family. Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms about our work are invited. Let us help you make your Christmas really SPECTACULAR!

When we were growing up, we played Percy Faith LPs on a portable phonograph, waited anxiously for the local easy-listening FM station to play 30 hours of Christmas music on Christmas Eve, and put lead-based tinsel on our tree. There were no specialty ornaments; Hallmark was years away from introducing its first Keepsakes, and good glass ornaments were hard to find. Large incandescent light sets needed metal reflectors to cool their hot bulbs. Today, we have an exciting array of decorations to choose from, and we can play digital music files at our convenience. The modern world of Christmas is truly a wonder to behold!


Our Review Policy

We are fully compliant with applicable FTC rules for bloggers – if an item being reviewed has been supplied to us at no charge, we will clearly indicate that fact in our review. We do not produce, manufacture, or sell Christmas merchandise. Advertising or product links do not influence our opinions, but we do provide links for products that we like.

All trademarks and brands cited on this website are registered by their respective owners. Their use is purely for identification purposes, and should not be considered as affecting the validity of those trademarks or brands. No association, connection, or endorsement is implied.

All light sets reviewed here are from reputable manufacturers and are UL listed for safety.

We use a “Christmas Star” rating system for the overall review and subcategories, with an appropriate icon representing the rating:

is an EXCELLENT rating

is a VERY GOOD rating

is a GOOD rating

is a POOR rating

is an UNACCEPTABLE rating

Please feel free to comment on our reviews.


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This means you are free to share our work but you MUST give attribution to us and provide links to the source as appropriate. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

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